COMPANY Sugar for life.

We have been developing natural sugar and specialties from the sugar beet for more than 150 years. For all of our benefit. Find out what drives us, what makes us different, and what sets us apart.

ABOUT PFEIFER & LANGENWhat we stand for and what drives us.

Pfeifer & Langen lives and breathes for sugar. With 2,521 employees and a turnover totaling approximately 975 million euros, we number among the leading sugar manufacturers in Europe. In 2022 we produced nearly two million tons of sugar and agricultural products – using ultra-modern, environmentally friendly facilities and methods. Sustainably, and in harmony with nature.

Passionate and innovative.

Sugar enriches our lives in many ways. It is an important source of energy, sweetens our food and drinks, and preserves food. Our vision is to produce not only classic table sugar, but also to continue developing new natural sugars and specialties. In our quest, we are guided by the idea of manufacture: making good things better – in excellent quality, tailored to the specific needs and desires of our customers, and in close dialog with our customers. We’ve developed several hundred product specifications for the food processing industry alone. Tailored to the exact requirements and applications of our customers. And it’s a task we engage in anew each day.

In our Innovation Center in Elsdorf, for example. Here, we conduct research on new natural sugars from beets—such as the extraction of cellobiose. Today, we’re the first company which is able to produce cellobiose from beet sugar on a large scale. Cellobiose is very similar to lactose, and can even replace it—which makes it highly interesting for the food processing industry.

Our Management

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FACTS AND FIGURESWhat our performance shows.

2,521 employees make us strong
in Europe.

1.33bil. is Pfeifer & Langen’s 2022 turnover.

Our beet sugar production total in all of Europe in 2022/23 was1.9mil. tons

Upon request, we can ensure that our goods are unloaded using battery power instead of diesel.100%

COMPLIANCEWhat confidence means for you.

As a traditional family business and leading European sugar manufacturer, we care deeply about the trust the public, our customers, and our employees put in us. It is the basis for our daily actions, and we are aware of our responsibility as a food-producing company. Two years ago, a comprehensive compliance program was initiated for the entire Pfeifer & Langen Group. In the process, a code of conduct was set out and firmly established within the company. The conduct of each individual employee is governed by the law and regulations as well as by ethical principles stipulated by Pfeifer & Langen itself, such as transparency and responsibility – values that shape our interactions.

As a member of the global online platform SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), Pfeifer & Langen also demonstrates that the principles of ethical and social sustainability are respected and a top priority for us.