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Quality feed from the sugar refinery

Sugar beet is an ecologically and economically valuable crop. Sugar is produced from it with the greatest care and to the highest quality standards. This production process also produces quality animal feed, so that almost all components of the sugar beet are utilized.

Most agricultural products are sold regionally without long transport routes. In accordance with our tagline “from the region, for the region”, valuable resources are thus conserved. For beet growers and sugar refineries, the principle of sustainability is not just lip service, but applied in practice.
For you, as a customer, this means you get to enjoy first-class agricultural products and the best service in terms of advice and on-site delivery.

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Tasty, energy-rich feed for fresh feeding or silaging. Find out more.



Natural fiber carrier for targeted supplementation of feed mixtures for livestock and pets (pet food). Read more.



Very tasty, sugary straight feed – for use in total mixed rations (TMR) and ready-to-eat feed. Find everything worth knowing here.


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Feed sugar

For targeted energy supply in livestock and pet feeding.

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