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Versatile energy source

BETApur-Melasse is in demand as a partner for mixtures in the compound feed industry and in cattle operations with mixer-wagons. Its energy is easily accessible, which makes BETApur-Melasse an outstanding auxiliary silage component.

Highest quality standards

Sugar, a beneficial foodstuff, is produced from sugar beets with great care and under constant monitoring in sugar refineries. At Pfeifer & Langen, feed is produced from sugar beets based on the same quality standards and subject to the regular implementation of analyses.

Rich in energy and easily digestible

BETApur-Melasse (sugar beet molasses) is a syrup-based compound feed that contains sugar, and that is offered with various sugar contents ranging from 40% to 50% depending on the desired use.

BETApur-Melasse is ideal for mixing with feed for cattle, horses, hogs, and poultry. In addition to its adhesive quality, this sugar beet molasses is tasty and offers quickly accessible carbohydrates.

BETApur-Melasse is used as an energy source for applications in which fermentation produces alcohol and to produce yeast.

BETApur-Melasse accelerates the preservation process – when sprayed onto silage. Because it is adhesive, it also achieves greater re-compacting. The sugar beet molasses is an ideal, quickly accessible energy supplement for the total mixed ration (TMR) in mixer-wagons.

BETApur-Melasse is available all year and can be ordered amounts starting at 5 tons.

Average feed value of BETApur-Melasse

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Certified quality

Agricultural products from Pfeifer & Langen are subject to strict quality requirements, which are monitored with analyses that take place during production in our own company laboratory and at the German Agricultural Analytic and Research Institute (LUFA). Moreover, regular external monitoring ensures that the production and quality of the agricultural products meet certification guidelines in accordance with QA.