INDUSTRY Huge variety of sugar and specialties.

Large, medium-sized, and small customers rely on our natural sugar on an industrial scale and in manufactory quality. Find out how we adapt to your requirements. Individual, highly flexible, and fast.

Strictly speaking, we carry only one sugar: yours.

At Pfeifer & Langen you don’t get just any sugar, but only precisely the type you need. If necessary, we’ll develop a product from scratch to suit your precise needs, be it for the food or non-food sector.

To achieve this, we do a little more and act faster than others: we are directly on site with you, no matter where you are located in Europe. On request, an interdisciplinary team of consultants consisting of sugar scientists, food engineers, and production and logistics experts will visit you beforehand and work with you to find ways and means of meeting your sugar requirements.

Your Contact

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Dr. Jürgen Häffner

Head of Sales

+49 221 4980-0


Europe-wide logistics

Our Europe-wide production and logistics facilities are also suited for large quantities. Your production runs like a clockwork? Our logistics management ensures just-in-time deliveries, even at short notice.

Our logistics fleet is at your disposal, allowing us to supply you by road or rail, and with special vehicles designed exclusively for sugar transports of all kinds – for example, for transporting bulk sugar in crystalline and liquid form. As an option, we offer to unload our vehicles fully electrically on your premises. The choice is yours.

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Our Range for beverages.

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Our Range for dairy, fruit, and delicatessen.

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Our Range for bakery goods and confectionery.

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Our Range for chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and fermentation.

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