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Outstanding appetite satisfaction

BETApur-Pellets are characterized by very good digestibility for ruminants. This product, primarily offered as molasses beet pulp, is particularly tasty, with a consistent quality.

The sugar content of BETApur-Pellets can differ based on various percentages of molasses. With a lower molasses percentage, the pellets are a great way to satisfy a hog’s appetite.

Highest quality standards

Sugar, a beneficial foodstuff, is produced from sugar beets with great care and under constant monitoring in sugar refineries. At Pfeifer & Langen, feed is produced from sugar beets based on the same quality standards and subject to the regular implementation of analyses.

Energy for beef, fiber for hogs

BETApur-Pellets (molasses and dried beet pulp) consist of dried, pelletized sugar beet pulp enriched with molasses. This molasses beet pulp is ideal for mixing with high-performance cattle feed. Adding more molasses causes adhesion and immediately increases available energy. The structured carbohydrates result in an even release of energy in the rumen.

BETApur-Pellets are also increasingly being used in hog operations. The appetite of sows in early pregnancy kept in groups is easily satisfied by this molasses beet pulp or dried beet pulp. When it is softened in water, horses like to eat it too. For sheep and goats, primarily the dry beet pulp with low molasses content is suitable, with a pellet size of 6 – 8 mm (mini-pellets).

BETApur-Pellets are considered a concentrated feed. Their energy value is comparable to that of BETApur-Schnitzel and barley. BETApur-Pellets have a low phosphorus content with high crude protein quality. For this reason, basic feed rations that are rich in crude protein can be well balanced at a good price.

Various molasses percentages and pellet sizes are available when large lots are purchased. The table lists the various options for use.

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With a dry substance content of approx. 90%, BETApur-Pellets can easily be stored for long periods. This tasty feed of outstanding quality and consistent nutritional value is available regardless of season and weather effects.

QS-Prüfzeichen für Lebensmittel

Certified quality

Agricultural products from Pfeifer & Langen are subject to strict quality requirements, which are monitored with analyses that take place during production in our own company laboratory and at the German Agricultural Analytic and Research Institute (LUFA). Moreover, regular external monitoring ensures that the production and quality of the agricultural products meet certification guidelines in accordance with QA.