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Decorating powder is a mixture of icing sugar or dextrose and wheat or potato starch coated with hydrogenated or unhydrogenated vegetable fat. The products can also be flavored. The essential characteristic of decorating powder is that its components are coated with fat to stabilize them on moist or fatty surfaces. Anti-caking agents may be added to improve flowability. Due to the raw materials used, the decorating powders differ with regard to moisture resistance, flowability, taste, temperature resistance, whiteness, and surface texture after being applied.

The most important advantage of decorating powder is that it can be reliably used to decorate bakery and confectionery goods when conventional sugar crystals of the same size would dissolve.

Products and applications

Decorating powder is used to decorate confectionery and bakery goods as well as sweet desserts.

Summary of decorating powder based on sucrose

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Summary of decorating powder based on dextrose

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Application examples

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Forms supplied

  • Big Bag
  • Bags in different formats


Depending on the type of fat used, a shelf life from 9 to 18 months is guaranteed when stored under appropriate conditions.