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Decorating crystal sugars are specially sieved sugars coated with an ultra-thin layer of high-quality vegetable fat for moisture protection.

The strength of the moisture-resistant qualities can be selected based on the degree of coating. Less moisture-resistant decorating nib sugars are sweeter than more moisture-resistant varieties. Both hydrogenated and as unhydrogenated vegetable fats can be used by request. Decorating crystal sugars are available in various crystal sizes, from fine to coarse, depending on the respective application.

The most important advantage of decorating crystal sugars is that they can be reliably used to decorate bakery and confectionery goods when conventional sugar crystals of the same size would dissolve.

Products and applications

Decorating crystal sugars are used for both bakery and confectionery goods.

Frozen bakery goods decorated with decorating crystal sugars before they are frozen keep their appetizing look even after thawing, so the products do not need to be redecorated before they are sold. Decorating crystal sugars are also used to decorate the traditional German Christmas “Stollen”. The fat creates a barrier between the cake and the decorating powder, which prevents juice from soaked raisins from penetrating the layer of decorating powder.

The various grades differ with regard to their crystal sizes and moisture resistance.

Summary of range

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Application examples

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Forms supplied

  • Bags in different formats


Depending on the type of fat used, a shelf life from 9 to 18 months is guaranteed when stored under appropriate conditions.