SALES – B2B Caramelized sugar syrups


Caramelized or burnt sugar syrups are browning products which are produced exclusively by heating sugar and sugar types without additives.
They are characterized by a pure caramel taste which can range from aromatic to pleasantly spicy, depending on type, and are used to flavor foods. Caramelized or burnt sugar syrups qualify as foods and not as coloring agents.

The various grades differ with regard to their sweetness, intensity of taste and stability in alcohol and acids. An organic caramelized sugar syrup that is based on organic sugar and complies with the Council Regulation (EC) is available for use in organic products.

Products and applications

Caramelized or burnt sugar syrups are used throughout the food processing industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Summary of range

Caramelin 01spicy aromatic, stable in alcohol
Caramelin 03spicy aromatic
Carapur 1200aromatic sweet
Carapur liqueurspicy aromatic, stable in alcohol
Carapur liqueur 6000spicy aromatic, stable in alcohol and acids
Carapur 16000spicy aromatic, stable in alcohol

Application examples

Caramelin 01Caramelin 03Carapur 1200Carapur liqueurCarapur liqueur 6000Carapur 16000Bio Carapur
Chocolate fillingsxxx
Bitter spiritsx

Analytical data

Variation range
Dry matter [%]67–77
Color [EBC units]max. 16,000
pH value2.5–6.0

Forms supplied

  • Bulk, in tanker trucks
  • Plastic or stainless steel containers
  • Disposable barrels
  • Disposable cans


A shelf life of 12 months is assured when stored under appropriate conditions.