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Elsdorf & Wevelinghoven

Our locations in Elsdorf and Wevelinghoven are our specialists for white rock candy and a variety of special grades.

Perfect solutions for our clientele

Founded in 1870, the Elsdorf plant is one of our most traditional locations. From October to April, it produces white rock candy for the entire Group.

At the site in Wevelinghoven, diversity is key: whether it’s decorating powder, hail sugar, or custom sugar specialties – they are all produced here.

Your contact person

Heike Becker

Assistant Location Management

+49 2461 624-0


Dürener Str. 40
50189 Elsdorf

Grevenbroicher Str. 98
41516 Grevenbroich

Location management

Dipl-Kfm. René Broicher

Commercial administration

Dieter Winter

Production & Technology

95 employees at the site

790 sugar variants we have developed to date for our industrial customers.

Capacity of the molasses tanks in Wevelinghoven49,000t

Products that come to our customers without packagingover 50%

Candy needs time to mature. The Kluntje needs 14–16 days to grow.

Our Elsdorf location was established in 1870. We have ambitious plans for the future as well.

We conduct research on new products in our Innovation Center. The desire for innovation is the driving force that motivates us.

Logistics center Elsdorf: Up to 1,200 tons of sugar are shipped to our customers per day.

Our production

Our site in Elsdorf is home to the Central Purchasing department, among other things. This is where the packaging material for the entire Group is procured. We are increasingly using FSC-certified materials for packaging our products. This way, we make a significant contribution to responsible forestry.

We for the region

We award the majority of contracts for supplies and services for maintenance and investments to companies in the Rhein-Erft district and Rhein district Neuss. In this way we retain workers from a wide range of services in the region. Our focus is on cultivating long-term cooperation based on trust.

Our commitment

Together with the city of Elsdorf and our sister company Savanna Ingredients, we are planning the “Food Campus Elsdorf” on the site of the Elsdorf sugar factory. The project combines regional economic development with urban development support and is intended to strengthen the regional agricultural, food and biotechnology sectors at the Elsdorf site. In addition, we have been supporting the local food bank with our sugar products for many years.