Locations Welcome to Appeldorn

In addition to sugar for the beverage industry, animal feed is also produced from beet pulp at the Appeldorn site.

With passion for sugar

Our site in Appeldorn has been part of the Pfeifer & Langen network since 1976. We store part of the sugar as thick juice during the beet harvesting campaign and process it as granulated sugar in the following spring.

Your contact person

Gabriele Roßmöller

Assistant Location Management

+49 2824 12-0


Reeser Str. 280-300
47546 Kalkar-Appeldorn

Location management

Jürgen Pintzke

Commercial administration

Jürgen Peiter

Production & Technology

116 employees at the site

2x a year we produce sugar from beets and stored thick juice.

Average distance between field and factory44km

On site for over50years

Around 10,100 hectares of beet cultivation in the region.

Sugar is extracted from beets and refined at our plant.

2018: new construction of two 40,000 t sugar silos.

Warehouse for finished goods as bagged goods completed in 2018.

Our production

We began optimizing our processes comprehensively years ago. No sector was left out. Two 40,000 t silos and the refining area for fractionating sugar for our customers are particularly striking elements of our measures. But investments in supply chain processes, including our field-to-factory program, also help to reduce the impact on the environment. On the way to a CO2-neutral factory, the energy transformation was recently initiated. The conversion of our evaporation station underlines our determination to achieve the goal of COneutrality, which is so important for all of us. Another tangible step has been taken.

Our team

„Sugar sticks“ in the best sense of the word, this can be applied to the many years of service of our employees. We are proud to maintain a very personal cooperation and to live this spirit. As a sugar factory, we offer various interesting jobs and apprenticeships and ensure the regular further development of our employees.

We for the region

Our most important raw material – the beet – is supplied by farmers in the region. Whenever possible, we also make a deliberate decision to place orders for materials, equipment and/or services with local and regional companies – our contribution to strengthening the regional economy in the surrounding area. With the idea of also maintaining long-term supplier relationships, our focus is always on a trusting cooperation. In addition to our economic interests, we have been committed to schools, clubs and social institutions in the Kalkar municipal area for many years.

Get to know us!

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes and see how the well-known “Diamant Zucker” is made from regional sugar beet? Then sign up for one of our plant tours.