SALES – B2B Sugar “plus”


Sugar “plus” refers to custom sugar mixtures produced according to a customer’s requirements. The tailor-made mixtures are based on sugar or sugar types in all their various forms (icing sugar, crystal sugar, nib sugar). Other components include flavors, spices, coloring agents and food concentrates.

Products and applications

The multifunctional sugar “plus” products can be used in a variety of way, such as flavoring hot drinks or dairy products and flavoring and decorating bakery goods, confectionery goods, breakfast cereals or desserts.

Crystal sugar, colored, flavoredNib sugar, colored, flavoredMixtures of icing sugar, crystal sugar, flavoredMixture of sugar/cinnamonDecorating crystals, colored
Hot drinks
Tea, coffee, milk
Dairy products/desserts
Yogurt, custard, quark products, rice pudding, ice cream, sweet dishes
Bakery goods
Danish pastries, croissants, fried dough confectionery, fruit tarts
Confectionery goods
Aerated confectionery
Breakfast cerealsx

Forms supplied

  • Big Bag
  • Bags in different formats


Depending on the raw materials used, a shelf life of 12 to 24 months is guaranteed when stored under appropriate conditions.