SALES – B2B Caramel colors


Caramel colors are dark brown, almost black, syrup coloring agents which are made from various types of sugar by controlled heating together with browning additives.

Multicol caramel colors comply with the requirements of the Council Directives for food additives and must be declared as coloring agents in the list of ingredients as follows:

Multicol-01“color simple caramel” or “color E 150a”
Multicol-03“color ammonia caramel” or “color E 150c
Multicol-04“color ammonia sulfite caramel” or “color E 150d”
Multicol-06“color ammonia caramel” or “color E 150c
Multicol-08“color ammonia caramel” or “color E 150c”

Products and applications

Caramel colors are variously used to color foods and pharmaceutical products. Depending on the amount added, they give the product a color ranging from yellow-brown to deep brown.

Summary of range

Multicol-01red-orange, stable in alcohol
Multicol-03red-orange, stable in protein and beer
Multicol-04yellow-orange, stable in acid
Multicol-06red-orange, clearly soluble
Multicol-08red-orange, stable in protein and beer

Application examples

Malt beveragexx
Basics, non-alc. drinksx
Convenience foodsxxxxx
Delicatessen productsxxxx

Analytical data

Variation range
Color [EBC units]19,000–41,000
pH value2.5–6.1
Refractive index [nD20°C]approx. 1.39

Forms supplied

  • Bulk transport
  • Plastic or stainless steel containers
  • Disposable cans


A shelf life of 12 months is assured when stored under appropriate conditions at temperatures of 20-30 °C.