SALES – B2B Brown candy sugar and brown sugar


Brown candy sugar is produced by slowly caramelizing brown sugar solutions. The brown color is attributable to caramelization products in the sugar. Depending on the process, it is produced in the form of individual crystals or as broken lumps.

Brown sugar and Carafin are fine sugar crystals obtained from the crystallization syrups when producing candy sugar. The characteristic, aromatically sweet to malty caramel flavor and the brown color are due to caramelization products which form during manufacture. Special brown sugar and Carafin are characterized by a high concentration of invert sugar and are particularly suitable for use in bakery goods where they promote the formation of a brown crust and a crusty texture. Their specific flavor gives many confectionery and bakery goods a pleasant, well rounded taste.

Products and applications

Candy sugar and brown sugar are primarily used in the manufacture of confectionery and bakery goods as well as dairy products.

Summary of range

Brown lump candy sugarCoarse individual crystals, fine caramel flavor
Brown crushed candy sugarCrushed crystals, variety of crystal sizes, fine caramel flavor
Light brown sugarCrystalline, dissolves readily, aromatically sweet to caramel flavor
Medium brown sugar "extra"Fine crystalline sugar, dissolves readily, fine malty caramel flavor
Special brown sugarPowdered, dissolves very quickly, malty coffee-like flavor
CarafinPowdered, dissolves very quickly, intense malty coffee-like flavor

Application examples

BreadBread rollsToastSandwich breadCrackers
GingerbreadBrown gingerbreadsWafflesSpiced cookies
Malt bonbonsMarshmallowsChocolate fillingsLicorice articlesToffeesPraline brittle
CustardCaramel ice creamCoffee specialties

Analytical data for candy sugar

Variation range
Polarization [°Z]approx. 99.5
Invert sugar [%]max. 0.15
Color [EBC units]60–250
Crystal size d15 – d85 [mm]1–20

Analytical data brown sugar

Variation range
Polarization [°Z]92–99.5
Invert sugar [%]max. 2.0
Color [EBC units]100–4,000
Crystal size d15 – d85 [mm]max. 0.4

Forms supplied

  • Bags in different formats


Candy sugar and brown sugar should be stored at a relative humidity of not more than 65%.